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Traveling to Southeast Asia and South America every year, hand picking goods from local artisans, designers, and producers, and making life-long relationships and connections with people from all over the world are just a few of the things that make this little store the special gem that it is.

Much like the markets in the countries where we do our buying - our stores are small, but filled to the brim with eccentric products you won't find anywhere else! With exciting exotic items practically crammed in every corner, it's not hard to believe there's something special in our shop for everybody. We carry everything from handbags to henna, tapestries to tie dye, clothing to crystals, bed sheets to buddhas, and there's so. much. MORE! Whether you're shopping the local boutiques of downtown Halifax or enjoying a sunny afternoon on the shore in Chester; be sure to visit us at the Black Market Boutique- your one-stop-shop for unique trinkets and treasures.

'Whether you are shopping for your mum or friends from work, there's a little something for everyone in the store.'

"Its certainly a little gem of a place that makes your eyes dart from corner to corner. I am a big fan of colour and cute little things.....and ooh shiny!

Whether you are shopping for your mum of friends from work, there's a little something for everyone in the store. The smells and trinkets remind me of being home.

The items are reasonably priced and certainly authentic. On shopping in bazaars in different parts of Asia, you are thrown back there because of the nature of how things are arranged inside.

Black Market is one of those stores that is great for a girl's day out, because you could spend a good hour in there looking around for jewelry, incense, decorative pieces for your house or what have you.

Go fest your eyes!"

-Sharon R. via Yelp

'...definitely worth going to again and again'

"Fantastic location and customer service. Everyone was very friendly. The prices here are awesome, especially considering the imports and the quality of the merchandise. There is more here than can be appreciated in a single trip, and it definitely worth going to again and again. I bought many things and will in the future as well." 

— Ryan T. via Yelp


'I love the Black Market.'

"I love the Black Market. The jewelry is beautiful and reasonably priced.  There are bangles galore, adorable earrings, and colorful mobiles. Incense, mirrors, journals, purses and rings....and how I love their rings. Silver rings, glass rings, stone rings, beaded rings they have it all! Exotic silks and the cutest sun dresses. Little wood carvings and other precious trinkets. So many fabulous gift ideas. "

-Glenna B. via Yelp


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

'Incredible place, new owners as cool as the old ones (and that was hard to beat).'

"Incredible place, new owners as cool as the old ones (and that was hard to beat). Stock constantly in movement, very well kept and beautifully disposed.

For all budgets! All tastes!

I also heard that the owners are extremely careful to whom they buy to, how humanely the crafters are treated and stuff.
In 25 years institution that lives to it's reputation."

-Émilie Maloney via Google reviews

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